Facial Treatments

Facials offered to you with the highest standard of professionals using our beautiful Elemis products

Skin Analysis £15 (20 min)
An in depth look into your skin. The process highlights your skin condition including any sun damage, dehydration and oiliness, as well as allowing you to see its overall health.

Elemis Age defying facial £75 (1 hr)
Tackles fine lines and wrinkles with clinically proven age defying benefits of marine charged Padina Pavonica. Targeted massage encourages optimum cellular function for nourished, younger looking skin. This facial incorporates an arm and foot massage.(course of 3 recommended £190)

Elemis Dynamic Resurfacing Precision Peel £75 (1 hr)
This facial uses the patented Tri-Enzyme technology to reveal fresher, brighter skin and restore even skin tone, whilst helping boost the natural exfoliation cycle. It targets dull uneven skin tone, and lacklustre skin. Cell regeneration is stimulated to reveal healthy, smooth skin. Reduces pigmentation and acne scarring, Deeply cleansing. The products used can create a tingling zingy sensation on the skin, so if your skin is very sensitive or you suffer with eczema or roseacea, this facial may not be comfortable for you. (course of 3 recommended £190)

Skin Soother Facial £69.50 (1 hr)
A luxurious tailored facial for your individual skin type. Products are catered to your individual concerns.

Elemis Superfood Facial £69.50 (1hr)
With revolutionary results, this anti-ageing treatment instantly firms, rejuvenates and plumps skin. Clinically proven to increase skin moisturisation and skin elasticity and firmness. (Independent Consumer Trial Results 2014)

Elemis Express facial £35 (30min)
A 30 minute facial delivering an instant pick-me up for any occasion. A real boost for the skin. Using high end Elemis products and Elemis signature moves to leave the skin smooth and glowing. Maximum benefit in minimum time.

NEW peptide tightening Elemis facial £75
Peptide 4 helps to balance and support the skins barrier function encouraging the skins natural processes for a radiant hydrated firmer plumper complexion.

Skin tightening non surgical face treatment. £125. (Course £650 - Buy 5 get 1 treatment free)
This treatment will show visible results after one treatment but maximum results 4-6 will be needed! Courses are tailored to each individual. Using the newest generation 3 radio frequency ultra sound waves to strengthen the skins muscle tone seeing visible results after one treatment. Please ask for more information.

Skin rejuvenation facial. £125. (Course £650 - Buy 5 get 1 treatment free)
This treatment is performed by a laser gun stimulating the skin cell process this treatment is ideal for skin concerns such as acne scarring, redness, Roseacea, Pigmentation, Sun damage and Dark age spots.

High Performance Skin Energiser For Men - £69.50 (60min)
A hydrating, energising treatment for stressed, fatigued skin. This facial boosts circulation whilst restoring moisture.


Linda Meredith Facials

V-TOX OxyGEN 90min £110
The Linda Meredith alternative is called V-TOX and uses algae derivatives to relax the skin. The facial was designed for clients who wanted to see visible results but did not want to undergo an invasive cosmetic procedure. This is a safe and effective treatment for clients of any age and it is also pregnancy safe. The Linda Meredith Oxygen treatment is carried out and then the V-TOX is added to specific areas that need to be treated, or a fine layer can be applied generally over the entire face and neck. The product is then infused into the skin by the steady flow of oxygen. Incredible results are achieved with a course of six treatments close together to ensure the effects remain over a period of months. The treatment can also be continued at home or when travelling with our retail oxygen masks and V-TOX products.

Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid are the two most important components of skin. However, our bodies production slows down in our mid-twenties and therefore it is important to replenish them through the correct treatments and homecare products. Our treatments consist of a fine sheet of freeze dried collagen or infused hyaluronic acid moistened into the contours of the face. This process reactivates the ingredients which then absorb deep into the epidermis. The oxygen concentrator is used to increase the absorption rate of the ingredients. The two facials can be performed in addition to either the Haute Couture, the Active Couture or as a single treatment. They can also be offered as a hand or décolletage treatment.

Crystal Clear Comcit Non-Surgical Face Lift

Micro-channelling Roller - stimulate collagen growth - £110 - Course £550 (Buy five get one free)
Micro-channelling Roller offers multiple sizes, variable depending on individual treatment concerns. It is moved over the surface of the skin to create microscopic pinpricks and induce controlled microtrauma to the skin. These pinpricks create columns/pathways within the epidermal junction which kick-starts the skin to produce more collagen and elastin and allows for product penetration.

Puncture Jet Oxygen - to soothe and restructure the skin - £110 - Course £550 (Buy five get one free)
The Crystal Clear Oxygen system uses puncture jet technology that allows oxygen and the active ingredients to be driven into the skin. Performed in a closed circuit environment, it provides the lower layers of the skin with much needed nutrients to repair and restructure from the inside out.

COMCIT The Frozen Facial - £95 - Course £475 (Buy five get one free)
The most effective and advanced skin rejuvenation treatment yet, tackling lines, wrinkles and pigmentation. Enjoy a full cleanse and gentle exfoliation, followed by our ground-breaking COM-CIT treatment, using Cryo Oxygen and Micro Rollers to infuse the skin with a potent Infusion, tailored to tackle your skins concerns and stimulate collagen production. Then lie back while your therapists applies a Crystal Clear face mask to suit your skin type, giving you an extra hit of hydration, firming and lifting.